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North Little Rock Wastewater

Administration & Finance

From serving customers to addressing employees’ needs to empowering other departments, the Administration and Finance Department is the organizational head that keeps NLRW operating.

Our employees in the Administration and Finance Department are experts in their crafts. They communicate with City leaders and the public, perform organizational tasks, and manage finances. As part of the larger synergy at NLRW, their efforts are vital to the wellbeing of our customers, organization, and employees.

Director of North Little Rock Wastewater

The Administration and Finance Department houses the Director of NLRW. The Director, with approval from the Wastewater Committee, makes overarching decisions about capital improvement projects, contracts, finances, and programs. With expert advice from all the Departments and support from Administration staff, the Director sets the direction of NLRW by managing day-to-day activities and developing long-term plans.

Public Communication and Customer Care

From visitors to customer accounts, social media to postal mail, Administration and Finance handles most of our public communication and customer care. Their knowledge and experience allow them to answer most common questions, and their familiarity with our organization allows them to direct specialized questions to the right staff members. In addition to answering calls, greeting visitors, and managing customer accounts, they are responsible for all methods of routine outreach, from social media to postal mail and everything in between. They are your primary resource for anything wastewater-related within the NLRW service area.

Employee Care

The compensation we offer our employees goes well beyond executing payroll and offering great benefits. Administration works tirelessly to increase the opportunities and wellbeing of all NLRW employees through professional development opportunities, staff appreciation events, and much more. Finance empowers other Departments with the funds to purchase the supplies their employees need to work effectively. The Safety Committee, which is composed entirely of NLRW staff, protects the physical wellbeing of our employees by developing safety procedures and ensuring that these procedures are communicated effectively. The Retirement Committee includes two employees to ensure that staff members’ concerns are addressed. All of this builds a workplace where everyone is safe, heard, and respected – allowing the rest of NLRW to forward the same consideration on to our community and environment.

Call (501) 945-7186. Crews are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to address emergency sewer situations.

For billing questions or water service issues/connection, please visit the Central Arkansas Water website or call (501) 372-5161.

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7400 Baucum Pike
PO Box 17898
North Little Rock, AR 72117

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